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                        Clothes dryer
                        Fast electric faucet
                        Drawer Dividers
                        Pegged rack
                        Aluminium bath seat

                        Address:No.1, Building 3, East of Huanbei Road, Shiqiao Village, Guanhai wei Town, Cixi, Ningbo.
                        [email protected]
                        [email protected]
                        [email protected]

                        The company is a stock limited liability companies, through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and product through the GS, CE, ROHS certification. The strong technical force, advanced facilities, product design, the products have a certificate of intellectual property (patent certificate), is a professional production of consumer products, small appliances, kitchen appliances, home appliances manufacturer. Main products include: multi-functional racks series, automatic drying machine, bathroom with bathtub stool series, fully automatic washing machine with a dedicated fan series of drying, sterilization drying cupboard series with a dedicated fan. We follow the "people-oriented" product development philosophy, "zero defect" production quality requirements, "conspiracy plan, create brilliant" spirit of cooperation, "Science and technology are primary productive forces" development ideas, continue to provide consumers with newer and better products better.


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